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Case Results

Here is a sampling of some recent successes at O. Long Law.

*While we hope seeing favorable results in situations similar to your own is helpful, the outcome of an individual case depends on various factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case.

Child Custody

Preserved Parenting Time

Preserved status quo parenting time for parent after false allegations of alcohol and drug abuse.

Child Custody

Negotiated Custody Plan for Special Needs Child

We facilitated a mutually agreed upon parenting agreement for an LGBT couple that aligned with the child’s special needs and the client's overall goals.

Child Custody

Holiday Custody Dispute Resolved Quickly

After more than a month of being denied visitation, our attorneys were retained and secured the requested parenting time for our client in time for Christmas.

Domestic Violence

Protection Order Issued Despite Claims Against Our Client

Our attorneys refuted false claims and ultimately protected a woman even though her abuser obtained a criminal order of protection by stating she was the abusive one.

Domestic Violence

Court Order Preventing Family Interference

After significant harassment and inappropriate behavior, we secured a two-year protection that kept extended family from interfering with the parents’ decisions regarding their children.

Domestic Violence

Order of Protection Against Alcohol-Abusing Ex

We obtained an order of protection and exclusive possession of the marital residence for our client in response to their former spouse’s alcohol abuse.