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Elite Representation for Chicagoland Families

An American Divorce Occurs Every 42 Seconds.

O. Long Law, LLC makes sure you’re prepared, and heard, if it happens to you. From providing for your children to negotiating with your ex, our family lawyers will have the awkward conversations, dive into messy financials, and try to resolve things amicably. But when it’s appropriate or essential –we’ll fight hard, so you walk away, ready to start a new life.

As well-respected litigators and leaders in the field of family law, the talent pool at O. Long Law is deep, and our experience is extensive. Our insight regarding high-asset dissolutions, dividing businesses, forensic accounting, and asset valuation and allocation make us ideal for addressing or anticipating whatever gets thrown at you.


We’re Tireless Family Advocates for


Contested, Uncontested, or Default. We’ll get you past it.

Child Custody

Shared, Joint, or Sole – your kids will be ok.

Child Support

Fair agreements and financial stability for your children.

Spousal Support

Also known as “alimony,” we go after everything you’re entitled to.

Protection Orders

Don’t put up with threats, abuse, or violence a second longer.

LGBTQ Family Law

Full-spectrum service for civil unions, second-parent adoptions, and surrogacy.

Commercial Litigation

For the broad disputes businesses, individuals, and families encounter.

O. Long Law strives to find solutions that save our clients time, money, and stress. The fact is, fighting it out in family court costs more of each. Working something out is easier and cheaper. So agree when you can, fight when you must, but always fight to win.

Let us explain your options honestly and tenaciously serve your interests.

Things Getting Messy? We’re Your Advantage

The lawyers you choose to address critical and incredible emotionally-charged questions about custody, assets, and marital property make a difference. Once things are finalized, that may be it. So, make your decision count.

Many things make O. Long Law different from other family law firms. Not least among them is our team approach and how we utilize legal strategies to maximize your options. Aside from our practical and aggressive (when it needs to be) representation, our clients benefit from MBA-level legal insight so you can make informed selections at every stage.

Our precise approach and extensive financial background are invaluable when important assets are intertwined with ending a marriage.

You Want It Over.
We Make It Happen.

Women-led family lawyers, empowered to see you through it.

We saw the need for progressive, highly efficient, and highly-effective representation for those experiencing a family law crisis. It’s what makes O. Long Law unique and how we get clients beyond family law issues to a stable future.

Meet Your Family’s Team

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St. Clair

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Distinguished By Experience & Success

Our skill, knowledge, and no-bull attitude make O. Long Law attorneys

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O. Long Law Client Testimonials

Our past clients say it best.

Family Law Info & Resources

Here’s the Long & Short of It…

Divorce and other family law issues are complicated and emotionally draining. Here are some resources and further reading to answer any lingering questions.

Our Family Law Blog

Our Family Law Process

Too many family law attorneys tell clients what they want to hear, even if there’s little chance of success. That’s not us. We don’t water it down or waste time. We’re who you call when you want to ensure your children are ok, divide things properly, and resolve your divorce with as little trauma as possible.

We want you to be confident in your decisions about what’s best for you and your family. This guide illustrates our approach and what you can expect when working with O. Long Law.


Your Initial Consultation

Whether you are considering divorce, have firmly decided to end things, or have questions, we can set up a quick 30-minute call. One of our lawyers will review your situation, go over what’s important to you, and offer some advice about the next steps. Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am until 5 pm, and currently, we’re holding meetings via telephone or Zoom.


Moving Forward & Hiring a Lawyer

Getting a divorce started or pursuing custody does not really begin until you formally retain an attorney. This requires a signed agreement and a retainer payment. While we cannot predict the cost of any given case, we are committed to assisting clients affordably.


Preparing Family Court Petitions

Once we know what you want to achieve, your attorney will gather information and begin the initial filings. If you anticipate an uncontested divorce, a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage can move to a conclusion, and a Judgment, pretty fast. But if disputes arise after your spouse is served, things can get complicated.


Financial Assessment

One of the first things we do is complete an exhaustive financial disclosure. This will be exchanged and used to make financial agreements, and seek court rulings if necessary, regarding support, marital debt, and asset division. We’ll go over everything, explaining what needs to be included and what you can achieve.


Custody & Logistical Issues

You understandably want to protect your kids. We share that goal. From day one, we’ll prioritize your children’s well-being, and develop a strategy that accounts for your financial future and theirs, their education and special needs (if any), and their safety and happiness. We’ll also discuss other practical matters like moving out of your home and financial security in the interim.



This is the formal process of requesting, gathering, and examining information between the two sides. The materials may include business records to confirm or dispute a financial affidavit, documents to support your custody plan, or depositions. This is a critical part of building family law cases and usually takes the most time, depending on the complexities.


Pre-Trial Negotiation & Settlement

Working things out cordially is always ideal. Negotiation requires both parties to compromise, but that doesn’t mean giving in to every demand. There are also instances when the other party won’t budge. We’ll help weigh your options, but the decision will always be yours.


Going to Court

Divorce and other family law matters usually end by negotiated settlement or trial. In the Chicagoland, that means appearing in court in Cook, Lake, DuPage, Kane, or Will county. Having a judge resolve things should be your last resort, but it’s essential to work with an attorney capable of fighting for everything you’re entitled to.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Family Law Cases Do You Handle?

We primarily represent family law clients in matters including divorce, child custody (now known as parenting time), child support, and spousal support (formerly known as alimony). We are particularly proud of our skill in complex divorces involving business interests or significant assets.

In What North Shore Areas Do You Practice?

We practice in Cook, Lake, Will, Kane, and DuPage counties. This includes the suburban Chicago communities of Evanston, Northbrook, Deerfield, Glenview, Northfield, Glencoe, Highland Park, Kenilworth, Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, Wilmette, and Winnetka.

How Fast Can I Get Divorced?

If you meet the residency criteria, Illinois doesn’t have a waiting period for uncontested divorces. But, the time it takes to finalize a divorce varies based on factors such as: whether or not you have children, how many assets are involved, and the level of agreement on critical issues.

We always work to achieve the most time- and cost-efficient solution.

I Don’t Work Outside the Home. How Can I Afford an Attorney?

Illinois law has a method to “level the playing field” for spouses who do not have access to marital assets that could pay for an attorney. We can assist you in determining whether you can benefit.