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How can O. Long Law assist you on your Divorce Journey?

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Written by Olivia St. Clair Long, JD on 6.11.21

As with any journey, preparation and planning can help you navigate through your divorce to a better, more solid future. Our firm has the experience and professional knowledge to help you through this process in a way that sets you up on your best path forward.
How can O. Long Law assist you on your Divorce Journey?

  • Our capable and experienced divorce attorneys are skilled at determining the best strategies to secure durable and cost-effective solutions. Olivia St. Clair Long leverages her years of experience in commercial litigation and her excellent negotiating skills to help you create meaningful, future-focused agreements that help you get out of court, and stay out of court.
  • We understand your finances. Our Firm talent includes an MBA Financial Strategist who helps you assess your financial situation and works with your attorneys to craft thoughtful divisions of your property in divorce. Whether you have a high-value, complex financial portfolio or few marital assets, your financial footing post-divorce is always foremost on our minds.
  • For divorces involving children, we keep the best interests of your children our number one priority. Our attorneys negotiate for you to create a sustainable parenting time agreement that seeks to minimize future conflict. In cases involving child welfare concerns or special needs considerations, our family law attorneys and staff work thoughtfully with the professionals involved to help you prepare the best possible future for you and your children.
  • We approach the Illinois divorce process holistically. Divorce is a major life change that brings great emotional and financial uncertainty. We realize that not every problem you encounter in divorce is a legal one. You have access to our extensive network of trusted professional service providers, from mental health providers to financial planners or coaches to real estate or estate planning professionals. We’re here to help you build your team.

Call us today or fill out our consultation request form; our family law attorneys can discuss your unique situation and formulate a plan to put you on the path to divorce success.

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