Frequently Asked Questions

General Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of law does O. Long Law, LLC practice?

O. Long Law, LLC’s practice areas include family law and litigation. In family law, we represent clients in divorce, child custody (now known as parenting time), child and spousal support (formerly known as alimony), pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, minor guardianship, and adoption cases. We are proud of our skill in complex divorces involving business interests or significant assets.

In civil litigation, we represent business clients and individuals negotiating breaches of contract and other business disputes.

In which counties do you practice?

We practice in Cook, Lake, Will, and DuPage counties. We can prepare QRDOs for any US jurisdiction.

What is a QRDO?

QRDO stands for Qualified Domestic Relations Order. This is an official order of the Court that divides qualified retirement account (401k, 403b, and similar, as well as some pensions) assets according to law during the divorce process. Anyone who is divorcing and has assets in this type of account may need a QRDO as part of their final divorce judgment (decree).

How much will my case cost?

We are committed to assisting clients by applying our experience from industry-leading institutions at a price the individual can afford. We cannot predict the cost of any given case, however, we are committed to efficiency in every stage of your case.

What are your hours? Are you available to meet in person?

Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am until 5 pm.

*Since March 2020, we have conducted all meetings via telephone or Zoom. As the pandemic subsides, we will resume the option of in-person meetings when they are needed.

Our office is in downtown Evanston, at the corner of Chicago Ave. and Davis St. Metered street parking is available as well as a metered city lot one block north of our office.

Divorce Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can I get divorced?

The time it takes to finalize a divorce varies based on factors such as: whether or not the couple have children, how many assets are involved, the level of agreement or disagreement on key issues such as asset division, parenting time (child custody) schedules, child support payments, and more. We always work with the goal of achieving the most time- and cost-efficient solution to your legal problems.

Will my divorce affect my private business?

If you own a business, we can assist in considering all your options. In addition to our experienced family law attorneys, our team includes an MBA Financial Strategist who provides financial analysis and potential scenarios. We also have an extensive network of business attorneys, evaluators, and experts who help our clients devise the right strategy for their families and their businesses.

In divorce, will I have to give up part of my retirement account or pension?

Under Illinois law, “marital property” means all property, including debts, acquired by either spouse during the marriage, with certain exceptions. This means retirement accounts either spouse contributed to, or pensions either spouse earned, are likely marital property. We can help you decide steps to secure your retirement and put you on your best path forward after divorce.

I have not worked outside the home since we had children; how can I afford an attorney and how will I support myself and my children during the process?

The law in the state of Illinois has a method to “level the playing field” for spouses who do not have access to marital assets that could pay for an attorney. We can assist you in determining whether you can benefit.

I just want my kids to be ok; how can I make that happen?

We share your goal. We will work with you to prioritize your children’s well-being both during and after divorce, as part of a coordinated strategy taking into account your financial future and theirs, their education and special needs (if any), and their safety and happiness.

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