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Free and Low-Cost Legal Services in the Chicago (and the rest of Illinois)

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Written by Olivia St. Clair Long, JD on 3.8.21

When you need legal services but do not have the means to pay the standard hourly rates for attorneys in your area (or perhaps even anything at all) it can feel overwhelming and hard to know where to turn. In Cook County, the Court offers an extensive resource guide, which you can access online here. The guide is broken down into organizations that offer pro or low bono (meaning free, or reduced fee) legal services by type of legal problem; for example, bankruptcy, child custody, or landlord-tenant issues.

Another website, Illinois Legal Aid, offers a wealth of information, and a simple format where you can describe your problem in a few words in the search box and be connected to resources and explanations on a variety of topics. It covers issues such as what to do if you receive a subpoena, what is the difference between a summons and a subpoena, how do I know if I qualify for SNAP benefits, your rights in the workplace, and more.

The Attorney General of Illinois also contains a page dedicated to sharing contact information for Chicagoland Legal Aid providers, Rockford and Downstate providers, as well as links to law schools who have clinics to assist people on a variety of legal topics in both Chicago and the rest of Illinois.

Chicago Volunteer Legal Services is a non-profit organization that helps to connect volunteer attorneys who agree to provide no-cost legal representation with clients in need.

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